Pension Player. The design of this interactive video was to give users the idea of what someone in their age bracket may choose on for a pension.
pension player video

Fidelity WealthCentral Intro Videos. The following videos were created to introduce Fidelity WealthCentral to users and allow them to understand it's full capabilities.
wealth central video

Fidelity Trading Knowledge Center. Create and maintain a large number of tutorials for traders on how to use the award winning Fidelity Trading Knowledge Center.
tkc video

Mutual Fund Videos. The latest investment insights provided by some of the best in the business. Tight deadline turnaround with highly visible product.
mutual fund videos and podcasts

Walk In Animation. An animation that was animated and shown on a large 20 ft screen and played on all public computers in the auditorium. It was viewed by a few thousand people attending the Fidelity conference.
walk in video

National Financial Player Design.National financial came to us with a need for a player to display their latest videos to use on their site.
national financial player

Fidelity Elevator Ads. The following ads were created to attract the attention of clients attending the 2008 FPA annual conference. They were placed in surrounding hotel elevators.
iws elevator ad nf elevator ad hybrid one elevator ad